Thank you for visiting.  Here and elsewhere on this website are what my supporters and I believe to be the most important issues and challenges we face. Issues and challenges which must be addressed immediately, and done so as if the focus is on all Americans, and not on Political Parties. As it should be.

Politics IS a Process.  It should NOT be a career.

It is a Process to find solutions to problems facing all Americans.  It should not be the entry to a lifelong job.  As a lifelong job it demands the raising of vast sums of money.  This only leads to corruption. It can, and must be prevented.

Voting is a Right to be Protected.  Not a Privilege to be Purchased.

We must defeat the continued assault on everyone's vote counting equally. 

Money and politics do NOT mix.

Currently money rules and politicians spend far too much of their time raising money and lose far too much of their integrity courting those who have it.  Those who have it expect, and get, something in return.  Politics as a career needs to end.  It is a process to provide solutions to problems. 

I neither intend to solicit, nor accept contributions. 

I also will not spend personal money, other than that for a website, materials such as signs, cards and printing, and copying costs. I will only accept contributions of time, not money. I will spend below the limit The Federal Election Commission allows to not require the need for a "Finance Committee."  Campaigns should be successful because of message, not money.

More information regarding the essential need to remove money from politics, to remove politicians from the need to raise money, and why it is costing us all so much...

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